The Best Streaming Device – Amazon Fire Stick Vs Apple TV

Streaming devices are the trend in recent times. Most people in the United States are shifting from cables to streaming services. As the streaming devices are far better than cables in many aspects, cord cutting is trending at a fast pace.

Apple, Amazon, Chromecast and Roku (Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Ultra, Roku Express+ and more) are some of the renowned streaming devices. Other brands like Nvidia and Mohu which are partly considered to be streaming devices, also available in the market. People are in a dilemma to choose the right streaming devices for them from the plenty of choices.

Although the specifications and features are identical, one gadget might seem better than the other. Here is the comparison between Amazon Fire Stick vs Apple TV. Find out the best specifications mentioned here and pick the one that seems to be perfect for you.

Amazon Fire Stick Vs Apple TV

Amazon Fire Stick Vs Apple TV

Technical Specifications

  • Apple TV 4K is available at a price range of 179$ and 199$. While Amazon Fire TV is available for 69$.  Compared with price, Amazon Fire TV is affordable with salient features (Visit this link to know more about the Amazon Fire TV Stick features).
  • Applet TV 4k has two kinds of internal storage 32GB and 64GB. Fire TV has 8GB internal storage. No external storage is available for both the devices.
  • When considering the RAM, Apple TV 4k comprises 4GB but Fire TV has only two Gigabyte. Both the devices will pave way for 4K high definition resolution.
  • Some of the features that both devices incorporate are the remote control, Bluetooth out and Wi-Fi. Dolby Atmos is available in Fire TV whereas Dolby Vision is available in Apple  TV 4k only.
  • The drawback of using Fire TV is, you cannot afford to connect with the Ethernet connection.

Which Remote is the Best?

  • Remotes play the role of interpreter between the device and people. This puts the remote into the spotlight and one of the important things to be noted while purchasing the streaming device. In this case, Fire TV remotes function well and utilize the AAA batteries. Voice controller is its advantage.
  • Apple TV remotes are not up to the mark.  A lot of drawbacks comes along with this remote. Totally,  Fire TV remote is the best when compared to Siri remote.

Which is “Smart”?

  • We all rely on “smart devices” in this age. Smart mobiles, smart TV, why not Smart streaming devices?
  • We know Siri will come along with every Apple device. For Amazon, it’s Alexa. Siri and Alexa make the streaming devices to be smart.  Siri is incorporated across gadgets while Alexa is omnipresent.

Amazon Fire Stick Vs Apple TV

  • Hope the above comparison would have elucidated the important things to be noted while picking the right streaming device.
  • The above points should be taken into account, but it’s all up to you in making a decision. Apple TV is flexible, but it doesn’t mean that you have to pick Apple.  Fire Stick is also capable of doing things.
  • Concluding that the two devices are equally good and have the similar features and specifications other than price.

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