Features Of Amazon Fire TV Stick

Brand Amazon has become an integral part of homes through delivery services and through its streaming channel. Apart from these, they are also famous for their streaming player, Fire TV Stick, and their music channel app. The streaming device is a must-have companion if you love streaming online content. The Fire Stick is one which integrates your TV watching experience and the online streaming capabilities of a device. To learn more about the features of Amazon Fire TV Stick, read on further.

Features of Amazon Fire TV Stick

Features of Amazon Fire TV Stick


There are several contributing and characteristic features that makes the Fire Stick unique amongst the competition.

  • The device is powered by a quad-core processor
  • It has a built-in memory of 1 GB and a storage space of 8 GB
  • It can stream videos at a resolution of 1080 pixels
  • You can launch and control applications with the Alexa voice remote
  • Watch live TV by adding applications like Netflix or Hulu
  • Connects to an HDTV via an HDMI port
  • Connects to the internet wirelessly
  • The device also supports a universal search that fetches results from multiple applications at the same time
  • It is portable and is travel-friendly


The features of Amazon Fire TV Stick bring to light that the device is one which has been designed aesthetically.

  • The device has a very sleek design and its dimensions are 3.4 x 1.2 x 0.5 inches
  • The Fire TV Stick is light weight and weighs just above 1 ounce
  • It has a standard male HDMI port on one end and a micro USB port on the top
  • The HDMI port is for connecting the device to the TV whereas, the micro USB port is made use only for connecting the power adapter
  • The Alexa voice remote is slightly bigger than the regular Fire TV remote
  • Two AAA batteries power the device
  • When you create an account for the device, there is automatic allocation of free cloud storage

Technical Specifications

  • A quad core 1.3 GHz processor powers the Amazon Fire Stick
  • It has an internal memory of 8 GB and makes use of a 1 GB RAM
  • Supports Bluetooth version 4.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Make use of the voice-control remote or download the remote app for controlling the device
  • The app is available for Android, Fire and iOS devices from the respective app stores
  • Play games that are made specifically for the Amazon Fire TV controller and other compatible Bluetooth controllers
  • Audio compatible with the device include
    1. Dolby Audio
    2. 1 surround sound
    3. 2ch stereo
    4. HDMI audio pass through (up to 7.1)
  • The display resolution is a choice between 720 pixels and 1080 pixels at a frame rate of 60 fps
  • For proper functioning of the device, you will need a HIGH DEFINITION TV with an HDMI port, an internet connection with a router and a power outlet

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