Update Amazon Fire TV Stick Software

The Amazon Fire TV Stick as everyone knows is a portable streaming player. In order for it to function perfectly, you do need to keep it updated. This can be a software update for the streaming device or for the accompanying remote. Either way, the device stays up to date because of these regular checks. Now, we will discuss about how you can update Amazon Fire TV Stick and also troubleshoot the updates.

update Amazon Fire TV Stick

update Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to Find Updates

There are many different models of Fire TV Sticks with very different set of remotes. However, the following instructions are common for most devices,

  • Turn on the device
  • Battery up your remote
  • Wait for the home screen menu
  • Choose the settings menu
  • And then, navigate to the device option
  • Now, go to the About option and choose to look for the existing software version
  • To know if it is the latest version, visit our website https://amazonfirestick.comtech365.com/.
  • Otherwise, check for a system update
  • Automatic downloading happens
  • If not, restart the device
  • The update will happen now

You will find that there are general updates and other fixes you can enjoy with such regular updates.

Software Update Issues

Screen Freezing

This is a common sighting especially when you update Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Perform a Hard Reset
  • Simply plug out the power cord
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • Reinsert power cord
  • Turn device back on
  • Now, try performing an update
Perform a Soft Reset
  • Access the device Settings
  • Then, navigate to the device selection screen
  • Choose your device as Fire TV
  • Finally, choose the Restart option

Unsuccessful Update

  • Ensure that there is an internet connection for your Fire TV
  • If there are WI FI issues during updates, resolve them first
  • Otherwise, use Ethernet cable to connect directly
  • Updates are generally quicker on a wired network
  • To know about wired connections visit our website
  • Perform a hard or soft reset
  • If none of the remedies work, contact our support team

Automatic Updates are not Happening

 There are instances when your device may forget to update itself automatically. In such cases, you can perform a manual update. For manual update guidelines, you can refer the previous section in this article. While you do check for manual updates, make a note of the following points;

  • Check for your internet connection
  • For automatic updates, you need active connections
  • Change the settings accordingly
  • Besides, you can access these settings either with the normal remote or with your Alexa remote
  • The settings menu can be accessed through voice commands from Alexa
  • Use arrow keys for manual navigation

If at all you face any other similar issue with your Fire TV device or in case you need to update Amazon Fire TV Stick remotes, then call us at our toll-free number +1-877-618-0640 for the best on-call assistance.

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